SQL Server, Broker TO Statistics Object


The SQLServer:Broker TO Statistics performance object reports information about how many times Service Broker dialogs request transmission objects, and how often transmission objects are written to tempdb.

Transmission objects record the state of message transmissions for a Service Broker dialog. They are stored in memory. To free memory, Service Broker periodically writes batches of inactive transmission objects to work tables in tempdb.

The following table lists the counters that this object contains.

SQL Server Broker TO Statistics countersDescription
Avg. Length of Batched WritesThe average number of transmission objects saved in a batch.
Avg. Time To Write Batch (ms)The average number of milliseconds required to save a batch of transmission objects.
Avg. Time Between Batches (ms)The average number of milliseconds between writes of transmission object batches.
Tran Object Gets/secThe number of times per second that dialogs requested transmission objects.
Tran Objects Marked Dirty/secThe number of times per second that transmission objects were marked as dirty. Transmission objects are marked as dirty by the first modification that causes the in-memory copy to differ from the copy stored in tempdb. Transmission objects are modified when Service Broker has to record a change in the state of message transmissions for the dialog.
Tran Object Writes/secThe number of times per second that a batch of transmission objects were written to tempdb work tables. Large numbers of writes could indicate that SQL Server memory is being stressed.

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