Configuring anti-spam engine updates

Timely updating of the Mail-Filter's SpamCure engine is critical to ensure against unwanted e-mail messages. New signatures are released continuously throughout the day, and new spam-fighting technologies are incorporated into the engine whenever they become available. It is recommended that you update the SpamCure engine every 15 minutes.

If you are using the Cloudmark anti-spam engine, for more information about using and updating this engine, see Chapter 17 – Antigen Spam Manager overview in the Microsoft Antigen for Exchange User Guide.

To configure SpamCure engine updates

  1. In the Antigen Administrator, click SETTINGS in the left navigation shuttle, and then click the Scanner Updates icon. The Scanner Update Settings work pane appears.

  2. Verify that the SpamCure engine is enabled. If it is not, select the Spamcure engine, and then click Enable.

  3. Set the update frequency to every 15 minutes.

    To do this, select the Spamcure engine, and then click Daily. Next, select the Repeat check box, and then set it to repeat every 00:15.

    You can click the Update Now button to test that the update is working. View the information in the Last Updated field to make sure that you have updated the engine recently.

  4. Click Save. The changes take effect immediately.

    Note that you must click the Save button separately for each engine that you configure.