Scanning considerations


Applies to: Microsoft Antigen

Topic Last Modified: 2007-09-19

This section discusses the effects of different scanning options on SMTP scanning (SMTP Scan Job) and Store scanning (Realtime or Manual Scan Job). Store scanning includes two General Options that can be enabled as desired: Scan on Scanner Update and Enable Background Scan if 'Scan on Scanner Update' Enabled). Each option affects Store scanning behavior. Generally speaking, as each additional option is enabled, the amount of Store scanning increases, as does the level of protection. Increased scanning, however, potentially affects performance.

This setting causes previously scanned files to be rescanned when accessed following a scanner update. This provides heightened security protection by rescanning messages with the latest signatures. This setting is applicable only to Mailbox servers. For additional best practices about scanner updates, see Updating engines.

This setting initiates a background scan every time a scan engine is updated, if the General Option setting Scan on Scanner Update has been enabled. This setting is applicable only to Mailbox servers. Because engine updates occur frequently, this setting will have the effect of initiating a background scan on large Mailbox stores.

It is good Internet etiquette to scan your outbound e-mail messages for viruses. In addition, this can protect you from legal liability if an infected PC in your organization attempts to send out viruses (a common behavior of worm viruses).