Chart Area Properties Dialog Box, 3D Options

Select 3D Options on the Chart Area Properties dialog box to define the three-dimensional effects for the chart.

Enable 3D

Choose this option to display the chart with a three-dimensional effect.

Enable series clustering

Choose this option to cluster series groups. When multiple series for bar or column charts are clustered, they are displayed along two distinct rows in the chart area. If series are not clustered, their corresponding data points are displayed adjacent to each other in one row. This option is applicable only to bar and column charts.


Rotates the chart horizontally.


Rotates the chart vertically.

Projection mode

Determines the projection mode used for the chart area.

  • Oblique   An oblique projection is applied to the chart area.

  • Perspective  A perspective projection is applied to the chart area.


Specify a number for the perspective. The larger the number, the deeper into the page the chart seems. This value must be between 0 and 100.

Wall thickness

Use this slider to change the thickness of the edge of the chart.

Depth ratio

Specify the depth of the data points, measured as a percentage of data point width. This value must be between 0 and 1000.

Gap depth

Specify the distance between data series that are displayed along distinct rows, as a result of clustering.

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