Text Box Properties Dialog Box, Number

Select Number on the Text Box Properties dialog box to specify how numerical and date values appear within a selected cell or data region. Options change depending on which value type is being formatted.


If you find that formatting options you want to use are grayed out, it means that the field's data type, which is located in the data source, and the formatting options are not compatible. For example, if the field contains numeric values but the field's data type is "string," numerical data formatting options, such as currency or decimals, cannot be applied and the numerical formatting options are grayed out.


Select how you want the numbers to appear, for example, as money or a percentage. For example, if you want to format the number as a currency value, select Currency.


This area displays an example of how the number appears in the selected category.

Use regional formatting

Select to display numbers based on the regional settings of the person running the report. If the culture settings are set in the RDL, this check box is not available.

Decimal places

Specify how many decimal places you want to display.

Use 1000 Separator

Select to insert a separator between the thousands and the hundreds place. By default, this check box is selected.

Show values in

Select Thousands, Millions, or Billions to display numbers using financial formats. For example, if the field value is 1,789,905,394 and you select Billions and specify 2 decimal places, the value displayed in the report is 1.78.

Show zero as

Select to replace zero values with a blank space or a dash (-) when the report is run.


Enter the monetary symbol that you want to display with your numerical data. By default, the symbol based on your locale is displayed.

Show symbol after value

Select to position the monetary symbol after the numerical data. By default, this box is not selected.

Include a space

Select to add a space between the symbol and the monetary value.

Negative numbers

Select the format that you want to use when displaying negative numbers.


Select the type of formatting you want to apply to the date or time.

Custom format

Enter a valid .NET Framework format string to customize the appearance of your numerical data. For more information about valid .NET Framework format strings, see the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).

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