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Appendix A: Security Roles and Privileges

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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This topic shows the default security privileges for each predefined security role in Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses.

The following table lists the predefined set of roles that are included in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK.

CEO-Business ManagerA user who manages the organization at the corporate business level.
CSR ManagerA user who manages customer service activities at the local or team level.
Customer Service Representative (CSR)A customer service representative (CSR) at any level.
Marketing ManagerA user who manages marketing activities at the local or team level.
Marketing ProfessionalA user engaged in marketing activities at any level.
Sales ManagerA user who manages sales activities at the local or team level.
SalespersonA salesperson at any level.
Schedule ManagerA user who schedules appointments for services.
SchedulerA user who manages services, required resources, and working hours.
Support UserA user who is a Microsoft customer support engineer.
System AdministratorA user who defines and implements the process at any level.
System CustomizerA user who customizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities, attributes, relationships, and forms.
Vice President of MarketingA user who manages marketing activities at the business unit level.
Vice President of SalesA user who manages the sales organization at the business unit level.

In This Section

Default Privileges Required

Describes the hidden privileges required by the system relating to the knowledge base article locate at //

Privileges by Entity

Lists the privileges available for each entity in the system.

Privileges by Message

Lists the privileges required to use each message in the system.

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