Setting Up the Team

Published: November 09, 2007

The specialist team responsible for ensuring the success of the application compatibility process is the Application Compatibility feature team. A feature team is a cross-organizational team responsible for solving a defined problem. Within a Microsoft® Deployment Solution Accelerator project, the Application Compatibility feature team is one of several feature teams that work with a project management team on the project. (Microsoft Deployment is the next version of Business Desktop Deployment [BDD] 2007.)

Feature teams are an important component of the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Team Model. Splitting a large and complex project into smaller sets of related tasks allows work to be performed in parallel on many tasks, with the application of specialized expertise where needed. A great advantage of this approach is an enhanced ability to manage large projects by executing many tasks simultaneously.

For this approach to work, however, it is vitally important that the teams synchronize their efforts and maintain active communication among themselves and with the project management team. This is particularly important during complex projects, when a feature team might focus on its portion of the project to the exclusion of the role it plays in the overall project.

Additional MSF Team Model Guidance

For additional guidance on the MSF Team Model, see the white paper, “MSF Team Model,” at Additional information about the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) is available at


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