This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Roadmap to Operations Resources for Virtual Machine Manager

This topic provides links to a variety of resources that provide useful information for performing daily operations in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 (VMM). You will find links to conceptual explanations of key features, planning information, configuration information, procedures, and targeted troubleshooting.

Feature Resources

Using the VMM Administrator Console

Installing the console | About the VMM Administrator Console | Using the VMM Administrator Console | Console views | Customizing your views | Adding custom properties for a host | Adding custom properties for a virtual machine | About jobs | Monitoring jobs

Using Windows PowerShell - Virtual Machine Manager command shell

VMM scripting guide | Cmdlet reference

Managing hosts

Planning for hosts | Planning for host groups | Adding hosts | Checklists: Adding an existing host to Virtual Machine Manager | Updating host properties | Setting placement options for a host | Creating host groups | Monitoring host status | Tracking resource usage on hosts with reports | Adding and displaying custom properties for a host | Troubleshooting "Not Responding" status | Troubleshooting agent installations | Removing hosts

Configuring the Virtual Machine Manager library

About the library | Planning the VMM library | Adding library servers | Adding shares to the library | Adding files to the library | Configuring library refreshes | Manually refreshing a library share | Removing library servers | Removing library shares | Removing library files | Troubleshooting library management issues

Creating virtual machines

About virtual machines | Tutorial: Getting started creating virtual machines | Creating virtual machines | Converting physical computers (P2V) | Converting VMware virtual machines (V2V) | Adding and displaying custom properties for a virtual machine | Troubleshooting virtual machine conversion issues | Troubleshooting virtual machine statuses | Troubleshooting virtual machine issues

Creating templates, hardware profiles, and guest operating system profiles

About virtual machine templates | Creating virtual machine templates | About hardware profiles | How to configure a hardware profile | How to save a hardware profile while creating a VM or template | About guest operating system profiles | How to configure a guest operating system profile | How to save a guest operating system profile while creating a template

Deploying and migrating virtual machines

About virtual machine placement | About host ratings | Configuring system wide placement defaults for placement | How to deploy a virtual machine | How to migrate a virtual machine | Troubleshooting virtual machine issues

Managing virtual machines

Actions performed on virtual machines | Connect to a virtual machine | Repair a virtual machine | Disable undo disks | Store a virtual machine in the library | Create checkpoints | Manage checkpoints | Remove a virtual machine

Setting up virtual machine self-service

About virtual machine self-service | Planning virtual machine self-service | Configuring virtual machine self-service | Installing the VMM Self-Service Portal | Creating host groups | About self-service policies | Creating self-service policies | Configuring a virtual machine for self-service | Troubleshooting a user session in the Self-Service Portal | Troubleshooting self-service issues

Setting up reporting

Report descriptions | Adding Reporting view to the VMM Administrator Console | Using reports | Configuring reporting | About the Server Virtualization Management Pack | Server Virtualization Management Pack Guide | Troubleshooting reporting issues

VMM administration

Managing VMM agents on managed computers | Troubleshooting agent installation issues | Configuring global settings for VMM | Backing up Virtual Machine Manager

Community resources

VMM forums | VMM TechCenter community