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Chapter 1 Introducing Forefront Server Security Management Console


Applies to: Forefront Server Security Management Console

Topic Last Modified: 2007-11-14

Microsoft® Forefront™ Server Security Management Console (FSSMC) allows administrators to easily manage Forefront Security for Exchange Server, Forefront Security for SharePoint®, and Microsoft Antigen. It provides a Web-based console to centralize configuration and operation, automate the download and distribution of signature and scan engine updates, and generate comprehensive reports.

Its benefits fall into three primary groups: it simplifies management, provides comprehensive protection, and optimizes performance:

Simplified Management

  • Centralized Web-based control. Provides central configuration, deployment, and updating for all Forefront server security products in enterprise environments that have multiple Exchange, SharePoint, or Windows® SharePoint Services servers.
  • One-stop, automated updates. Through its Rapid Update Process, Microsoft monitors all scan-engine vendor Web sites for updates, downloads and validates new engine versions and signatures as they become available, and then posts them online.
  • Automatic server discovery. Automatically discovers new Exchange servers in an organization, allowing administrators to ensure proper security configurations and reporting for messaging servers added to the environment.
  • Migration protection. Provides management for Forefront Server Security products and Microsoft Antigen. This support allows organizations to monitor their protection for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 environments, and during migration to Exchange 2007.
  • Localization. Localized in 11 languages, making it easier for administrators to manage their messaging server security in the language of their region. Languages include English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian.

Comprehensive Protection

  • Outbreak response provides outbreak alerts, giving administrators warning when their Exchange and SharePoint servers are under attack. In the case of new threats that do not yet have a detection signature, Forefront Server Security Management Console allows administrators to create file or content filters that can be pushed enterprise-wide to stop the outbreak in its tracks.
  • Rapid Update Distribution alerts all Antigen and Forefront/Antigen servers when new updates are ready for download and distributes them immediately, ensuring that all servers are protected with the latest signatures. If any updates fail, Forefront Server Security Management Console alerts administrators, enabling them to respond quickly and minimize any risk of exposure. are protected with the latest signatures. If any updates fail, administrators are alerted, enabling them to quickly respond and minimize any risk of exposure.

Optimized Performance

  • Effective mail cluster support supports new Exchange 2007 CCR Clusters.
  • Redundancy provides the ability to monitor system health and offload critical functions. These include signature updates and security setting propagation to a secondary Forefront Server Security Management Console server if necessary to ensure availability, updates, and protection.

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