Manage Database Encryption (General Page)

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in SQL Server 2008 provides automatic database encryption. For more information, see .Understanding Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).

Use this page to view or modify encryption settings for the selected database.

Re-Encrypt Database Encryption Key

Select to enable the database encryption key options.

Use server certificate

Sets the encryption to be secured by a certificate. Select one from the list. If you do not have the VIEW DEFINITION permission on server certificates, this list will be empty. If a certificate method of encryption is selected, this value cannot be empty. For more information about certificates, see SQL Server Certificates and Asymmetric Keys.

Use server asymmetric key

Sets the encryption to be secured by an asymmetric key. Only available asymmetric keys are displayed. Only an asymmetric key protected by an EKM module can encrypt a database using TDE.

Regenerate Database Encryption Key

Select to enable the Encryption Algorithm box.

Encryption Algorithm

Displays or sets the algorithm to use for database encryption. AES128 is the default algorithm. This field cannot be blank.

Set Database Encryption On

Alters the database to turn on (checked) or turn off (unchecked) TDE.

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