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  • Security: A Powerful New Tool for Certificate Management
    Kevin Dallmann - June 2007
    Certificates are a key component in your infrastructure— when one expires, productivity can come to a halt. If you rely on a Microsoft PKI environment, the new Identity Lifecycle Manager Certificate Management (ILM-CM) solution can help keep things running smoothly. Find out how this tool can help you improve authentication processes and reduce certificate management costs.

  • Identity Management: Build a Single-Step Provisioning Workflow
    Aung Oo - May 2007
    Looking for a Web-based provisioning system? Find out how you can use MIISWorkflow to build an automated, singlestep user provisioning system based on Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007.

  • Managing Identity: MIIS Gets your Directories in Sync
    Randy Muller - July 2006
    Trying to maintain security and identity information in a large, heterogeneous network can be difficult and complicated. And this can put your network at risk. Fortunately, Microsoft Identity

  • Managing Identity: 5 Essential Tools for MIIS
    Jenn Goth - July 2006
    Identity and access management. These are important issues as your business implements systems that provide corporate information to employees, business partners, and customers.

  • Managing Identity: Automate Active Directory Group Management
    Craig Owen - July 2006
    Group management is central to today's businesses. Groups are commonly used to control access to network resources, computers, buildings, and so on. Simultaneously, they need to grant access to