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Asynchronous Operation Sample Code

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Asynchronous operations are indirectly created when the user interacts with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application or through SDK calls to the Web services. Asynchronous operations are created by the platform to execute an asynchronous plug-in or workflow, or when performing operations such as bulk mail, bulk import, and campaign activity propagation.

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How to Delete Asynchronous Operation Records

Shows how to use the BulkDelete messages to delete asynchronous operation records that are in a completed state.

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Complex Mapping

See the SDK download package: SDK\Server\FullSample\DataMigration\CS|VB\ComplexMapping.cs. This sample has a useful method named WaitForAsyncJobCompletion that waits for the created asynchronous operation to complete.

Execute Workflow

See the SDK download package: SDK\Server\ Reference\CS\workflow\ExecuteWorkflow.cs. This sample executes a workflow, retrieves the asynchronous operation that is executing the workflow, and waits for the asynchronous operation to complete using a polling technique. This technique is also used in many of the bulk and import operation SDK samples.

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