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Metadata Sample Code

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Find the latest SDK documentation: CRM 2015 SDK

This section contains sample code that shows how to work with the metadata database.

In This Section

Detect Metadata Changes

Detect metadata changes for the purposes of building a cache.

Retrieve the Metadata

Retrieve the metadata for all entities and write it to an XML file.

Retrieve the Localized State Name

Learn to retrieve the localized state names for an attribute.

Retrieve the Status Codes for Account

Retrieve the status codes for the account entity.

Dump the Entity Metadata

Retrieve the metadata for a single entity and write it to an XML file.

Create a Picklist with Labels in Multiple Languages

How to add multiple language labels to a picklist item.

Other Resources

Metadata Diagram Full Sample

See the SDK download package: SDK\Server\FullSample\MetadataDiagram. This sample command-line tool creates a Microsoft Office Visio diagram that details the relationships among Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities.

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