Integrating DPM in a Backup Topology

Published : September 27, 2005

Backup topologies can vary from local storage devices attached to individual servers to storage area network (SAN) solutions. Regardless of the topology that you use in your network, DPM provides two advantages:

  • Because short-term backup of data files is accomplished by the DPM server, the network load for backups and the tape requirements are reduced.

  • Because your file archive requirements can be met by backing up the DPM server rather than all the individual file servers, fewer backup agent licenses are required.

For more information on planning a disaster recovery solution to include DPM, see the Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2006 Planning and Deployment Guide (

For sample code that shows how to back up and recover a DPM server and how to recover a file server, you can request the Volume Shadow Copy Services Writer Software Development Kit (VSS SDK) 1.0 for DPM by sending an e-mail message to The software development kit will also be available for download on the Microsoft Storage Partner Extranet ( You must register on that site to be able to download software.