Restoring Data to File Servers from Tape

Published : September 27, 2005

In most situations, you will recover files to a file server by using the recovery features provided in DPM Administrator Console or end users will recover files by using end-user recovery. However, you might restore files to a file server from a tape archive if you need to restore a version of the file that is older than that contained in existing replicas, or in a severe disaster situation in which both the file servers and the DPM server fail. Consult your backup application documentation on how to restore data to the file server from tape.

During restore operations, most backup programs append the original path of the file to the specified destination location. Backup software that supports DPM restores files to the specified destination location without appending the original path. If you use backup software that does not support DPM, after you restore the backup of the replicas to the protected folder of the file server by using your backup software, repair the path names by running FsPathMerge on the file server.


For security reasons, DPM does not include reparse points in replicas or shadow copies of protected data. After you recover a volume, folder, or share that contains a reparse point, you must manually recreate the reparse point. (You can, however, recover the target of a reparse point just as you would any other protected volume, folder, or share, providing that the target is included as a member of a protection group.)

For instructions on reestablishing protection after drive failure or disk upgrade on a file server, see the “Managing Servers” chapter ( in this guide.