Planning a Deployment

Published : April 8, 2005 | Updated : August 17, 2005

Planning a deployment of Microsoft® System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) involves planning the network topology, DPM and file server hardware, disaster recovery infrastructure, and security.

Although careful planning is important to ensure a smooth deployment, DPM includes sophisticated monitoring and reporting features that you can use to fine-tune DPM operations after the initial deployment is complete.

DPM is designed to protect up to 6 terabytes of data, from as many as 30 file servers.

In This Chapter

      Verifying Hardware Requirements

         DPM Server Requirements

         File Server Requirements

      Planning the Network Topology

         Supported Topologies

         Active Directory Domain Structure

         Anticipating the Effect of DPM Operations on Performance

      Planning the Storage Pool

         Choosing Sources for Storage Capacity

         Calculating Capacity Requirements

         Planning the Disk Configuration

      Planning for Disaster Recovery

         Integrating DPM with Your Archive/Restore Solution

         Archiving a DPM Server

         Restoring a DPM Server or a Protected File Server

      Planning for Security

         Configuring Antivirus Software

         Configuring Firewalls

         Maintaining Security for End-User Recovery

         Granting Appropriate User Privileges