Published : September 27, 2005

This chapter provides guidance for troubleshooting Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2006 (DPM) protection and recovery issues, and supplements the DPM Help and DPM Planning and Deployment Guide documentation. The first part of the chapter contains standard procedures to which you may be referred from within other procedures. The rest of the chapter contains procedures for troubleshooting specific problems.

In this Chapter

Standard Troubleshooting Procedures

      Verifying Status of DPM Service

      Checking Name Resolution

      Identifying DNS Errors

      Resolving Access Denied Errors

Troubleshooting DPM Installation Issues

Troubleshooting File Agent Installation Issues

Troubleshooting Data Protection Issues

      Troubleshooting General Protection Issues

      Troubleshooting Manual Replica Creation

Troubleshooting Data Recovery Issues

      Troubleshooting General Data Recovery Issues

      Troubleshooting End-user Recovery Configuration Issues

      Troubleshooting End-user Recovery Issues

      Troubleshooting End-user Recovery and DFS

Troubleshooting Reporting Issues

Troubleshooting Performance Issues

      Troubleshooting Memory Shortage

      Troubleshooting CPU Usage

      Troubleshooting Disk Queue Length

Troubleshooting Database Issues

Troubleshooting the Archiving and Restoration of DPM

      Troubleshooting DpmBackup and DPM Writer

      Troubleshooting FsPathMerge

      Troubleshooting DpmPathMerge