Using DpmPathMerge to Repair Paths

Published : September 27, 2005

If the tape backup from which you restored data was created by using DpmBackup and the protected volume GUID has not changed since backup, run DpmPathMerge to delete extraneous path information.


Unlike FsPathMerge, which you run for each replica, DpmPathMerge must be run only once for all replicas on a DPM server.

You must stop the DPM File Agent service (msdpmreplicaagent.exe) and the DPM service (msdpm.exe) before you run DpmPathMerge; otherwise, some of the replica files might have a lock on them and the operation will fail with an error.

If the DpmPathMerge command returns “Access Denied,” then it means that either an application has an open file handle or the ReplicaDir folder is read-only.

DpmPathMerge requires Administrator or Backup Operator rights on the DPM server.

For information on troubleshooting DpmPathMerge, see the “Troubleshooting” chapter ( in this guide.