Using FsPathMerge to Repair Paths on File Servers

Published : September 27, 2005

FsPathMerge is a command-line tool included with DPM that deletes extraneous path information from data restored to the protected file server. You run FsPathMerge on the file server for each replica after all file server data has been restored. The FsPathMerge.exe program is stored on the DPM installation CD in the folder Support\Tools\.


Localized versions of FsPathMerge.exe are stored in individual language folders under Support\Tools\.

FsPathMerge requires Administrator or Backup Operator rights on the file server. You must use fully qualified paths with FsPathMerge; do not use UNC format. The Restored Path and the Destination Path must be located on the same disk drive. Windows tools cannot show paths longer than 256 characters. Therefore, when using FsPathMerge to restore data from the replica, use the backup logs created by the backup software to obtain the path information.


Before you run FsPathMerge, ensure that no applications are accessing the restored files. If the command returns “Access Denied,” it means that an application is using a file that FsPathMerge is trying to move.

For information on troubleshooting FsPathMerge, see the “Troubleshooting” chapter ( in this guide.