Identifying Backup Components

Published : September 27, 2005

You need to identify all the components that must be backed up to meet both your data archive and disaster recovery requirements. With DPM, you can address both archive and disaster recovery requirements by archiving the DPM server. When you archive the DPM server, you are effectively archiving your file server data because replicas of file server data are stored on the DPM server. To enable a full restore of the DPM server, you must back up the following components to tape:

  • System state

  • Program files

  • Databases

    • The DPM database (DPMDB.mdf)

    • The Report database (ReportServer.mdf)

  • Replicas

Backing up the replicas from the DPM server rather than backing up files from individual file servers offers two key benefits. First, it simplifies the process of creating and maintaining archives because the data for multiple file servers can be archived from a single point: the DPM server. Second, by using the replicas as the source for the backup, the backup process does not interfere with the ongoing operations that require the file server resources.