Disk missing

Published : April 8, 2005 | Updated : August 17, 2005


This alert is generated when the specified disk in the DPM storage pool cannot be detected or has stopped responding. Until the disk is connected and working properly, all protection activities that rely on this disk will fail.


A disk in the storage pool has been removed or is not working properly.


From the Disks tab in the Management task area, check the status of disks. If a disk is missing, rescan the disk configuration to detect the disk. If the disk is still missing, verify the physical disk connections and then rescan again.

  • If the disk is available and healthy, no further action is required.

  • If the disk has been physically removed and will be put back, no action is required on your part. When the disk is put back, scheduled synchronization and shadow copy jobs will resume.

  • If the disk is missing and will not be replaced or has malfunctioned and cannot be fixed, perform the following tasks to resolve the problem:

    1. Remove the disk from the storage pool to prevent future “disk missing” alerts.

      The protection group members that relied on this disk to protect data are reported in the Protection task area as pending group members.

    2. Add the pending members back to their protection groups.

      DPM allocates disk space for the members on a healthy disk, creates the replica, and performs a consistency check. Scheduled synchronization and shadow copies jobs will resume.


    Shadow copies that were stored on the missing disk are no longer available.

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