How to modify disk allocation

Published : April 8, 2005 | Updated : August 17, 2005

When you create a protection group, Data Protection Manager (DPM) recommends and allocates disk space for your protection group, based on the size of the data to be protected. We recommend that you do not change the default allocations until after you monitor disk usage for the protection group. If required, you can modify disk allocation according to the guidelines in the following table:

Protection component

Disk allocation options


Replica and shadow copies

You can increase, but not decrease, the allocated disk space for the replica and shadow copies.

DPM storage pool

Synchronization log

You can increase or decrease the allocated disk space for the synchronization log.

Protected volume on the file server

Transfer log

You cannot modify the allocated disk space for the transfer log. DPM automatically adjusts the space for the transfer log, based on the other disk allocation settings.

DPM storage pool

To modify disk allocation

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, click Protection on the navigation bar.

  2. In the Display pane, select the protection group for which you want to modify disk allocation.

  3. In the Actions pane, click Modify disk allocation.

    To determine how much free space is available in the storage pool, see the value in the Remaining space in storage pool after allocations box.

  4. In the Recommended disk allocations on Data Protection Manager table, select a source volume, and then click Change.

  5. To increase the disk allocations for the replica and for shadow copies, type the additional amount in the Additional Space to Allocate column for each of these areas.

    The new size of the replica and shadow copy areas will be the total of the Current Allocation size and the Additional Space to Allocate size.

  6. To increase the disk allocation for synchronization logs on the protected file server, type the new size in the Space to allocate for synchronization log box.

    To determine how much space is available on the protected file server for the synchronization log, see the value in the Space available on protected volume for synchronization log box.

  7. After reviewing the disk allocation changes, click OK.

  8. Click Update Allocations to apply the changes you have made or click Cancel, if you decide not to make the changes.

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