Monitoring jobs

Published : April 8, 2005 | Updated : August 17, 2005

Jobs are displayed in the Monitoring task area on the Jobs tab. On the Jobs tab, you can monitor the status of all completed, scheduled, and running jobs and the tasks associated with them. Use the Group by drop-down list box to group the list of jobs by protection group, server, status, or type. Use the Time period drop-down list box to filter the list of jobs according to a selected time period. Select or clear the Show synchronization check box to include or exclude synchronization jobs in the list of jobs.

Relationship between jobs and alerts

DPM provides both an alerts view and a jobs view so you can easily access both summary and detailed information about data protection activity. The Alerts tab aggregates alerts, error conditions, and jobs to provide a summary view of what is happening across the entire system. The Jobs tab provides the operational details for each scheduled, completed, running, canceled, or failed job. For example, in response to multiple shadow copy job failures of the same replica, the alerts view displays a single “shadow copy failure” alert, whereas the jobs view displays an entry for each shadow copy job failure. In the jobs view, you can also display completed shadow copy jobs for the past 30 days and scheduled shadow copy jobs for the next seven days.

As a general rule, you should start troubleshooting an issue in DPM by reviewing the relevant alert details. For detailed information about a specific job related to the issue, review the job details.

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