Published: December 20, 2006

With the release of Windows® SharePoint® Services (WSS) 3.0, users who have created sites based on any of the original WSS 2.0 application templates offered on Microsoft TechNet or on other customized sites or site templates will want to upgrade them to work in the WSS 3.0 environment.

The Solution Accelerator Team (SAT) has created a solution accelerator that provides guidance and tools to enable IT Professionals to successfully upgrade their Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 custom sites and templates. The result: a set of custom sites and templates that will operate in a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 environment. This toolkit also includes a set of upgraded Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 application templates.

Accelerator Purpose

  • To provide IT professionals with the guidance and tools they need to upgrade customized WSS 2.0 sites and site templates to function in a WSS 3.0 environment.
  • To provide a set of upgraded application templates for Windows SharePoint Services based on those currently published for WSS 2.0 on TechNet.
  • To provide instructions for installing these application templates in a WSS 3.0 environment.

Accelerator Components

The solution accelerator is comprised of three components:

  • Upgrade Toolkit for Windows SharePoint Sites and Templates GuideEnd-to-end guidance to plan and implement custom site and template upgrades.
  • Solution scriptsNine command line scripts to facilitate the upgrade process.
  • Upgraded application templates33 application templates that have been upgraded from WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0.


The Microsoft Solution Accelerator Team (SAT) would like to acknowledge the team that produced the Upgrade Toolkit for Windows SharePoint Services Sites and Templates. The following people were either directly responsible for, or made a substantial contribution to, the writing, development, testing, and release of the solution described in this guide.

Program Manager

Luis Camara Manoel (Microsoft Corporation)

Engineering Lead

Oleg Glubochansky (Microsoft Corporation)


David Solomon (Excell Corporation)

Test Lead

Sandor Kiss (Microsoft Corporation)


Chris Hetkey (Volt Technical Services)

Product Manager

Peter Larsen (Microsoft Corporation)

UE Lead

Gaile Simmons (Microsoft Corporation)

Lead Writer

Elizabeth Houser (Volt Technical Services)


Patricia Rytkonen (Volt Technical Services)

Release Management

Gaile Simmons (Microsoft Corporation)

Jimmy Cooper (Excell Data Corporation)

Vidyatech Solutions

Technical Reviewers

Mike Ammerlaan (Microsoft Corporation)

Sean Gabriel (Microsoft Corporation)

Rob Howard (Microsoft Corporation)

Rahul Sakdeo (Microsoft Corporation)


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