Supported Security Configurations

This section details the supported configurations that involve the use of firewalls separating MOM components or configurations that involve MOM components being installed in a non-trusted domain or a workgroup. For more information about firewalls and non-trusted domains in your MOM environment, see the Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Security Guide.


 Installing Management Servers, MOM consoles, MOM Database Servers, or MOM Reporting Servers in a workgroup is not supported.


 Using MOM 2005 SP1 With a Disjointed DNS Namespace. To discover and push agents using MOM 2005 SP1 in a Disjointed DNS Namespace:

Using the MOM Agent Install/uninstall wizard, provide Domain\Computername or NetBIOS name format

Using the Create Computer Discovery Rule dialog, provide only the NetBIOS computer name or the Domain name and the NetBIOS computer name for the Domain name and Computer name fields respectively

If you attempt to use MOM 2005 SP1 over a disjointed DNS namespace, the following features are not available:

Push install when using the "Browse" functionality to choose a target machine

Push install when using the DNS FQDN computer name

A "disjointed DNS namespace" is a DNS infrastructure that includes two or more top-level DNS domain names. For more information about this, see "Configuring Name Resolution for Disjointed Namespaces" in the Windows Server 2003 documentation, under Deploying Network Services.