Network Monitor

Network Monitor Setup

Network Monitor is not installed or upgraded as part of SMS 2003 site setup or SMS Administrator console setup.

WORKAROUND:   Install Network Monitor 2.1 by running NetmonSetup.exe from the \NETMON\I386 folder on the SMS 2003 product CD. If you are upgrading from SMS 2.0, you must first uninstall Network Monitor 2.0 by using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

Network Monitor Requires an Update for Windows XP SP2

Security changes introduced in Windows XP SP2 prevents Network Monitor from remotely capturing frames. Computers that are being connected to must have an updated Network Monitor driver. The version of Network Monitor included with SMS 2003 SP1 has been updated for compatibility with Windows XP SP2.

WORKAROUND:   To remotely capture frames, install the latest version of Network Monitor by running NetmonSetup.exe from the \Netmon\I386 folder on the SMS 2003 SP3 CD.

To update the Network Monitor Driver for the remote computer, install one of the following updates:

  • Windows XP SP2

  • Hotfix 81809 for Windows Server 2003

  • Hotfix 84399 for Windows 2000

Network Monitor Cannot Connect to Computers with an RPC Interface Restriction

If you attempt to connect to a computer running Windows XP SP2 in a domain that has the RestrictRemoteClients policy enabled and set to 2, Network Monitor cannot connect to that computer. The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) policy refuses anonymous RPC connections. Network Monitor uses Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) to communicate with the remote computer, and DCOM tries to make an anonymous ping to the remote machine when initiating the connection. RPC changes that are introduced in Windows XP SP2 are documented in the TechNet Web site.


By default, this policy is not enabled in Windows XP SP2.

WORKAROUND:   If the computer running Network Monitor has this RPC policy applied to it, the version of Network Monitor included with SMS 2003 SP3 must be installed to remotely connect to other computers that do not have the RPC policy. However, if this RPC policy is applied to other computers, Network Monitor cannot remotely connect to them.