Managing Software Updates

Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 provides a set of tools and procedures that gives system administrators the ability to automate the complex process of managing software updates throughout an enterprise. Chapter 3, "Understanding SMS Features," in the Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Concepts, Planning, and Deployment Guide introduces software update management with SMS, including:

  • The benefits of using SMS for software update management.

  • The major components for managing software updates with SMS.

  • The general process of performing software update inventory, distributing software updates, and tracking software update compliance in the enterprise.

This chapter begins with an overview of the software update management process, followed by an overview of each of the software update management components. The chapter then describes the tasks associated with performing a software update inventory, authorizing and distributing software updates to clients, and tracking and maintaining the software update management system.

In This Chapter

  • Software Update Management Overview

  • Software Update Management Tasks

  • Software Update Management Best Practices

  • Performance Considerations

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