Windows Installer Versions

Several different versions of Windows Installer are currently in use. Table A.3 is a list of the different versions and their delivery vehicles.

Table A.3 Windows Installer Versions

Windows Installer Version


Windows Installer 1.0

Included with Office 2000.

Windows Installer 1.1

Included with Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional.

Windows Installer version 2.0

Included with Windows XP Professional. Also provided as a separate installable component from for earlier versions of the operating systems.

Office XP requires Windows Installer 1.1 or later. If Windows Installer 1.0 is present on the computer, Office XP Setup automatically updates the program. If Windows Installer is not present on the computer, Office XP Setup calls Instmsi.exe (Windows 98) or Instmsiw.exe (Windows NT 4.0) to install it. Because Microsoft Windows 2000 includes Windows Installer 1.1, no Windows Installer update is required for computers running Microsoft Windows 2000.

Windows Installer version 2.0 fixes a number of problems in prior versions (including the ability to read source from an uncompressed source if installed from a compressed source, or vice versa). It is highly recommended that client computers be upgraded to this version prior to deployment of Office XP.

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