Scenarios and Procedures for Deploying SMS 2003

This chapter builds on the deployment planning information in the Microsoft® Systems Management Server 2003 Concepts, Planning, and Deployment Guide. Each step in the deployment scenarios presented in this chapter will refer you to existing documentation for a more detailed discussion of the issues and concepts related to that step. When needed, additional information is provided for that step in this chapter. Although it is not essential that you have already read the existing documentation contained in the Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Concepts, Planning, and Deployment Guide, it is strongly recommended that you do so to enhance your understanding of the material contained in this chapter. It is important that you spend an appropriate amount of time and resource planning and designing your Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 sites and hierarchy.

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In This Chapter

  • Overview of the Deployment Process

  • Part 1: Hierarchy-Specific Questions

  • Part 2: Site-Specific Questions

  • Part 3: SMS 2003 Deployment Scenarios

  • Post-installation Considerations

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