Compliance Analysis

This section describes the administrative tasks that are involved in using the product compliance feature.

To bring software into compliance, you must analyze product compliance and detect any issues that need to be resolved. Part of the analysis process is ensuring that the SMS site database contains the following required data:

  • Software inventory data

  • Product compliance data

  • Queries and reports that analyze compliance

To analyze product compliance in your organization

  1. Define compliance types according to software guidelines and standards that are set in your organization.

  2. For each compliance type, define associated compliance levels.

  3. Sort and categorize the software guidelines and standards according to the compliance types and compliance levels that you specified.

    Match the products that clients are most likely to use to the specified compliance types. For each product in the list, choose the appropriate compliance level. Use the compliance level list that is associated with the product's compliance type.

  4. Add the data as product compliance records to the SMS site database. There are two methods to add product compliance data to the SMS site database:

    • Manually, by entering one record at a time in the SMS Administrator console.

    • Importing a product compliance data file into the SMS site database. You can create a product compliance data file as a tab-separated text file, which includes multiple product compliance records.

    For more information about these methods, see the "Customizing Product Compliance Data" section later in this chapter.

  5. Ensure that the site is collecting software inventory or software metering data.

  6. Run queries and reports to detect compliance issues.

When the analysis is complete, you will have a list of product compliance issues that you need to resolve.

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