Monitoring Scenarios in the Windows Desktop Base Operating System Management Pack

Table 1 Management Pack Monitoring Scenarios



Service and application management

  • Core Windows service up/down status

  • Unexpected service terminations

  • Service configuration issues

  • Service account and authentication issues


  • Detects reoccurring application terminations


  • Local storage resource availability

  • Local storage free space

  • File system integrity and corruption issues


  • IP address conflicts

  • Disconnected network adapters

  • Duplicate network names

Performance measuring

  • For most commonly used performance data

Performance threshold monitoring

  • Physical Disk - Avg. Disk sec./

  • Physical Disk - Avg. Disk sec./Read

  • Memory - Pages/sec.

  • Processor - % Processor

  • Memory - Available Megabytes

State monitoring and service discovery

  • Desktop Base OS services

  • Storage service discovery

  • Computer browser

  • Logical Disk Manager service

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client service

  • Domain Name Service (DNS) client

  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) health service

  • Server service

  • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) NetBIOS Helper service

  • Event log

  • Workstation service