Backing Up MOM Data

MOM uses several data stores, with the majority of the data being stored in databases. Therefore, backing up MOM databases is the most important task to ensure a complete recovery in the event of a failure. If you back up MOM data properly, on a regular basis, no data loss is expected in the event of a failure.

MOM uses the following data stores, which you need to back up:

  • MOM Operational Database (OnePoint)

  • MOM Reporting Database (SystemCenterReporting)

  • SQL Reporting Database (ReportServer)

  • Master Database (Master)

  • MSDB Database (Msdbdata)

  • Management Packs and Reports (.akm and .xml files)

  • File Transfer Server files

  • Custom files

The following sections describe how to back up each data store. As an additional precaution, after you back up data, copy the backup file to another server for storage, or another backup media such as tape.