Create Package Source Directories

Programs use package source files when they run. In general, the programs that do not require package source files are programs that already exist on the client computers.

If a package contains source files and the site is running in Standard Security mode, you must create a package source folder that is accessible to the SMS Service account. Create this folder the same way you create any other folder on your computer. The package source folder can be a folder on a drive, or it can be the drive itself, including a CD drive. The package source folder can be on a remote computer, if the remote computer is accessible by the SMS Service account. For remote drives, always specify the package source folder by using the Universal Naming Convention (UNC).

If the site is running in Advanced Security mode, the source folder must be accessible from the site server using the site server's computer account.

When you have created a package source folder, you must designate it as such so that SMS will use it for package source files. For more information, see the "Set Package Properties" section later in this chapter.

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Package Compression

Package Compression

SMS automatically compresses package source files when it sends the package to other SMS sites. By default, files distributed within the originating site are not compressed. When compressed packages are set to other sites, the other sites decompress the package, and then distribute it to the distribution points.

If the source files are on removable media such as CDs you can have SMS create a compressed version of the source files. SMS stores the compressed file and uses it instead of the original source files as a source for distribution.

To create a compressed version of the source files for your package, navigate to the package you want to compress from the SMS Administrator console. Right-click the package and select Properties. Click the Data Source tab and enter the source folder, if one has not already been specified. Then select Use a compressed copy of the source directory.


  • Changing the data source between using a compressed copy or the source folder for an existing package causes the package to be updated on the site's distribution points. Copies of the package at distribution points at child sites are not updated. If the files in the data source have changed in any way, the hash value used for the package will not match the hash value for copies that Advanced Clients download from those child sites. Those Advanced Clients will not be able to run the advertised programs that use the package. If you change the data source and the package files might have changed, and you must update all distribution points before changing the package data source.

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