About Updating Distribution Points

A crucial step in staying current with your software update management process is the regular update of the software update inventory tools by the synchronization component. By default, this component works by automatically downloading the necessary files from the Internet, copying them to the package source folder for the scan component of the relevant tool, and then updating the distribution points with the updated package. However, when you configure this component to run in unattended mode, you must enable the update of the distribution points as a separate step.

To modify package properties to update distribution points

  1. In the SMS Administrator console, navigate to Packages:


    Systems Management Server>Site Database (site code - site name)>Packages>

  2. Right-click the package that you want to modify, and then click Properties.

  3. In the Package Properties dialog box, click the Data Source tab, and then select the This package contains source files check box.

  4. Under the Source Directory heading, perform the following tasks:

    • Click Set. In the Set Source Directory dialog box, specify the path for the package source files on the network.

    • Select the Always obtain files from source directory check box.

  5. Select the Update distribution points on a schedule check box.

  6. Click Schedule to specify how frequently to update the package data on distribution points.

    The default schedule for the update of distribution points is set to the current date and an interval of one day.

Click OK to save your changes and to close the dialog boxes.

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