Creating and Managing Packages

SMS packages contain the files and commands you must use to run the programs in the package in addition to information such as which distribution points provide the package source files to client computers. For each package, specify:

  • General information about the package, such as the name, version number, and vendor of the software.

  • Whether the package includes package source files.

  • If there are package source files, specify:

    • The package source folder that contains the package source files.

    • Whether SMS should create and store a compressed copy of the package source files.

    • How SMS stores the package source files on distribution points.

    • Whether and how often the package source files on distribution points must be updated.

To create, modify, or delete a package

  1. Navigate to Packages in the SMS Administrator console.


    Systems Management Server>Site Database (site code - site name)>Packages

  2. Managing software distribution packages includes the following procedures:

    • Creating package source directories

    • Creating a new package

    • Creating a setup script

    • Modifying an existing package

    • Deleting a package


  • To create a package, you must have Create or Administer permissions for Packages.

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