Maintaining and Monitoring the Network

There are two situations in which network tools are indispensable: when you must diagnose network problems, and when you want to monitor and analyze patterns of network activity to avoid network problems. Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 includes a set of useful network tools that help you monitor, capture, and interpret network data.

This chapter describes SMS network diagnostic tools, how they work, and how you can use them. Typically, you use Network Monitor to capture and analyze network frames to diagnose network problems and to identify optimization opportunities. You use Network Trace to graphically display site systems and the physical network that connects to them.

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In This Chapter

  • Using Network Monitor

  • Using SMS Network Diagnostic Tools on Remote Computers

  • Using Network Trace

Table 10.1 lists network monitoring and maintenance tasks and the SMS tools you use to accomplish those tasks.

Table 10.1 Network Monitoring and Maintenance Tasks and Tools

To do this task

Use this tool

Capture and examine network traffic (frames)

Network Monitor

Create capture and display filters to capture or view only the frames in which you are interested

Automate data capture by using capture triggers

Network Monitor

Edit and retransmit frames onto your network

Network Monitor

Analyze and interpret captured data

Network Monitor Experts

Graphically map the network connections between site systems and network devices such as routers

Network Trace

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