Enabling and Configuring the SMS Remote Tools Client Agent on the SMS Site Server

You use the SMS Administrator console to enable and configure the Remote Tools Client Agent settings. The settings that you specify for each site apply to all the clients that are assigned to that site.


  • Before enabling SMS Remote Tools for a site, see the "Configuring Site-wide Settings" section later in this chapter to determine which Remote Tools Client Agent settings are relevant to your site. Pay special attention to the settings on the Advanced tab, because these settings are difficult to change after the Remote Tools Client Agent components have been installed on clients.

After you have installed the SMS primary site and verified that all SMS services are running correctly, you can enable Remote Tools on the site.

To enable Remote Tools on the SMS site server

  1. In the SMS Administrator console, navigate to Client Agents.


    Systems Management Server>Site Database (site code - site name)>Site Hierarchy>site code - site name>Site Settings>Client Agents

  2. In the details pane, right-click Remote Tools Client Agent, and then click Properties.

  3. In the Remote Tools Client Agent Properties dialog box, click the General tab, and then select the Enable remote tools on clients check box.

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