Installing a Secondary Site Using SMS Setup

You can install a secondary site from the SMS 2003 product CD, or you can connect to an image of the SMS 2003 product CD on a mapped network drive, hard disk drive, or removable drive of the secondary site.

To install a secondary site from the SMS Setup product CD

  1. Ensure that the computer you want to use as the secondary site meets all the hardware and software requirements listed in the "Getting Started" chapter in this book. Log on to that server with an account that has local Administrative credentials.

  2. Insert the SMS 2003 product CD into the server's drive. Click Set up SMS 2003.

  3. On the Welcome page, click Next.

  4. On the System Configuration page, click Next.

  5. On the Setup Options page, select Install an SMS secondary site, and then click Next.

  6. On the Product Registration page, fill in the fields, and then click Next. You must enter the Product Key value, which is located on the SMS 2003 product CD case.

  7. On the SMS Site Information page, enter the unique three-digit site code, the site name, and the site domain of this site, and then click Next.


    • To change the domain name and the computer name after SMS is installed, you must remove your installation of SMS, change the names, and then reinstall SMS. To avoid this time-consuming task, consider this information carefully before you enter it.

  8. On the SMS Security Information page, choose your security mode:

    • If you choose standard security mode, proceed to step 9.

    • If you choose advanced security mode, proceed to step 10.


    • You cannot install a secondary site in Advanced security mode if the parent site is in Standard security mode.

  9. On the SMS Service Account Information page, if you have not already created a service account, use the default account (SMSService) or enter an account name and password. SMS Setup creates the account. If you have already created an account, enter the account name and password. You can specify a local domain account by typing only the account name. You specify a trusted domain account by typing the domain and account name separated by a backslash (\). The trusted domain must be trusted by all domains within the site.

  10. On the Setup Installation Options page, select the SMS components that you want to install, and then click Next. You can also change the folders that the components are installed into on your server.

  11. On the Parent Site Information/Identification page, enter the site code of the parent site and the name of the primary site server to which the secondary site will connect. Enter the type of network connection that this site will use to communicate with the parent site, and then click Next. This option is not available when installing in the advanced security mode.

  12. On the Connection Account Information page, specify the account information that the secondary site will use to connect to the parent site, and then click Next.

  13. On the Completing the Systems Management Server Setup Wizard page, review the choices you have made throughout the setup process. To change any selection or specification, double-click the item that you want to change. Make the change, and then click Next until you return to the Completing the Systems Management Server Setup Wizard page. When you are satisfied with your choices, click Finish. The SMS 2003 secondary site installation on your computer is complete.

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