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Domain Models

Create diagrams that show your domain models, using one-way or two-arrows to indicate the trust relationships in your model. SMS 2003 supports the following domain models:

  • Windows NT domains

  • Windows 2000 Active Directory native mode domains

  • Windows 2000 Active Directory mixed mode domains

  • All Windows Server(tm) 2003 Domain functional levels

Windows NT Domain Model

The following are types of Windows NT domain models. See Figure 7.1 for a basic diagram of a Windows NT master domain model:

  • Single domain

  • Single master

  • Multiple master

  • Complete trust

  • Mixed mode (see the "Active Directory Structure" section later in this chapter)

Figure 7.1 Sample master domain model diagram


Windows 2000 Active Directory Domain Model

The Windows 2000 domain model uses Active Directory domains and trusts. You should know how your Active Directory site structure is laid out in relation to your domain model. This is important if you are using mixed mode domains. Active Directory service is compatible with Windows NT 4.0 and supports a mixed mode of operation using both Windows 2000 Server domain controllers and Windows NT Server 4.0 domain controllers.

It is recommended that you be aware of the status of your Active Directory migration. Which of your domains are in mixed mode? Typically, after all of your Windows NT domain controllers are upgraded to Windows 2000, native mode is enabled on the domain. Figure 7.2 illustrates the different mode types.

Figure 7.2 Types of domain modes available on a Windows 2000 network


Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Domain Model

Windows Server 2003 introduces a way to enable domain-wide Active Directory features in your network environment. This is called domain functionality, and is expressed in four different levels, as seen in Table 7.8.

Be aware of the status of your Active Directory migration. SMS 2003 supports all four domain functional levels.

Table 7.8 Windows Server 2003 Domain Functional Levels

Domain functional level

Domain controllers supported

Windows 2000 mixed (default)

Windows NT 4.0

Windows 2000 Server family

Windows Server 2003 family

Windows 2000 native

Windows 2000 Server family

Windows Server 2003 family

Windows Server 2003 interim

Windows NT 4.0

Windows Server 2003 family

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 family

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