Organizational Structure

It is important that you know the structure of your organization, because it can influence how you deploy, use, and support SMS. It is also useful to know your organization's long-term plans. Changes such as mergers and acquisitions can have a significant impact on IT infrastructure. Both external pressure for change and internal projects (either planned or in progress) can affect your SMS deployment.

Where applicable, obtain the data described in Table 7.5.

Table 7.5 Gathering Organization Data

Organizational structure

Data needed

Departmental organization

High-level organization charts to help determine the divisional structure of your organization, the design of your SMS hierarchy, and your method of communicating SMS implementation updates to departments

End users, clients, and software applications

Number of client computers that are at each location, which divisions they belong to, and whether they are using unique software applications or operating systems (see Table 7.7 for specific information)

Mobile clients

A list of laptops that travel from one location to another

IT organization and administrative policies

The structure and technical level of local and remote IT divisions, their reporting hierarchies, and local and global IT administrative policies

Long-term business direction

Any major business changes planned for the future, such as mergers, acquisitions, major physical moves, or network migrations

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