Software Inventory Scripts for SMS

Published : April 11, 2005

The SMS inventory feature inventories data from the site's clients. The inventory feature refers both to the hardware inventory and to the software inventory features.

By using scripts to trigger client actions, you can initiate inventory actions on any number of clients. For example, if any number of SMS Advanced Clients have not reported software inventory recently, you can run a script to initiate the client inventory process.

note.gif  Note:
All scripts in this section run only on the Advanced Client.

For additional information about inventory and the SMS Advanced Client, see the SMS 2003 Concepts, Planning, and Deployment Guide and the SMS 2003 SDK.

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How to Start Advanced Client Inventory in SMS 

Shows how to start the hardware inventory process on the SMS Advanced Client.

How to Resynchronize the SMS Advanced Client 

Shows how to start hardware inventory resynchronization on the SMS Advanced Client.

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