Scripts for Viewing or Modifying SMS Settings

Published : April 11, 2005

Viewing or modifying SMS settings with a script is useful when you want to automate the following tasks:

  • Change a site setting in a large number of sites without manual intervention

  • Report on site settings to confirm all sites are set up correctly

  • Report client settings without manual intervention.

    note.gif  Note:
    Some scripts in this section run on the SMS Advanced Client, while others require access to an SMS 2003 site server.

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In This Section

How to Report SMS Site Boundaries 

Shows how to report SMS site boundaries for all sites that report to a site.

How to Add SMS Site Boundaries 

Shows how to add a site boundary to an SMS site.

How to Adjust SMS Component Settings 

Shows how to change a configuration parameter for the Site Component Manager.

How to Set SMS Site Comments for Secondary Sites 

Shows how to set the comments for a secondary site.

How to Manage SMS Status Filter Rules 

Shows how to create status filter rules.

How to Check the SMS Advanced Client Component State 

Shows how to display the current state of the Advanced Client components.

How to Get or Set the Current SMS Advanced Client Site 

Shows how to display the Advanced Client's assigned site code.

How to Set the Current SMS Advanced Client Management Point 

Shows how to set the current management point for an SMS Advanced Client.

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