Deploy form templates (Office Forms Server)


Updated: May 21, 2009

Applies To: Office Forms Server 2007


Topic Last Modified: 2009-05-11

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Form template deployment is the process by which form templates are made accessible to users. You can deploy form templates onto a server running InfoPath Forms Services that can be opened either in a Web browser, by using the Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 program, or in the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 program. You can also deploy form templates directly by saving them to a hard disk or network location and opening them by using the Office InfoPath 2007 program, or by e-mailing the form template for use in the Office Outlook 2007 program.

Form templates that do not contain business logic, do not require full trust, and do not use data connections that are managed by an administrator can be published directly to a document library by any site collection user having the appropriate privileges, without any action on the part of an administrator. For more information about deploying form templates that contain business logic, require full trust, or use administrator-managed data connections, see Deploy administrator-approved form templates (Office SharePoint Server).

The steps in the form template deployment process are:

  1. Verify   This is an automatic step in the upload process that checks whether a form template is valid. You can also verify manually from the Add Form Template page if you want to check the validity of the template without attempting to upload it to the server.

  2. Upload   This is the process of putting the form template on the server.

  3. Activate   Place the form template in a site collection, and associate the form with a URL.

Before form templates can be viewed in a Web browser, InfoPath Forms Services functionality must be enabled.

You can add a form template to a document library in a site collection whether InfoPath Forms Services has been enabled or not. However, if you want users to be able to open forms in a Web browser from a document library in a site collection, then you must enable InfoPath Forms Services for the site collection. To do so, activate the Content Management, Search and Business Information feature, which enables InfoPath Forms Services and workflow functionality for the site collection and all subsites. A form templates library, a document library to which form templates can be deployed, is then automatically created in the root of the site collection. Subsites within the site collection share this library. The owner of the site collection manages permissions for all subsites within the collection.

If you do not activate this feature for a site collection, you can still deploy form templates to document libraries, but they cannot be enabled for use in a Web browser on that site collection.

Activate the Content Management, Search, and Business Information feature for a site collection
  1. In a Web browser, open the SharePoint site for which you want to enable InfoPath Forms Services.

  2. Click Site Actions, and then click Site Settings.

  3. In Site Collection Administration, click Site collection features. If you do not see the Site Collection Administration section, you do not have permissions to perform this task.

  4. On the Site Collection Features page, find the Content Management, Search and Business Information feature, and then click the Activate button.

The Content Management, Search and Business Information feature now shows a status of Active.

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