Plan custom form templates (Office Forms Server)


Updated: May 21, 2009

Applies To: Office Forms Server 2007


Topic Last Modified: 2009-05-11

You can develop custom form templates to address specific forms needs. Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 provides several form templates that can be customized for your organization's needs and systems, but most organizations find that they need to design custom form templates to suit their specific needs.

For example, an insurance company may need to design a form template to gather accident claims information, with certain form fields being populated by existing database entries related to the customer. Because such a form template would contain specialized logic and data connections, it would need to be designed from the ground up.

InfoPath form templates can also be created by importing forms from Microsoft Office Word 2007 and Microsoft Office Excel 2007 documents. For more information, see Convert a Word document to an InfoPath form template ( and Convert an Excel workbook to an InfoPath form template ( on Office Online.

Custom form templates that contain form code, require full trust, or use a data connection managed by a server administrator must be approved and deployed by an administrator. Such form templates are called "administrator-approved form templates." For more information, see Plan deployment of administrator-approved form templates (Office Forms Server). If a form template does not contain form code, require full trust, or use a data connection managed by an administrator, you can configure Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 to permit users to deploy such form templates, called "user form templates," without administrator approval.

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