Data Recovery Problems


Updated: April 1, 2008

Applies To: Groove Server 2007

This Office product will reach end of support on October 10, 2017. To stay supported, you will need to upgrade. For more information, see , Resources to help you upgrade your Office 2007 servers and clients.


Topic Last Modified: 2015-03-09

The following section suggests solutions to data recovery problems that may arise.


Problem Solution

Your login credential reset attempt failed because the submitted data recovery key does not match the data recovery public key used to encrypt the user’s data and therefore needed to recover the database.

The managed device where you are trying to recover a user’s Groove data may have been managed by another domain that did not have the reset policy enabled. Or, you may have enabled the reset policy after the password or smart card login was lost. If either of these conditions is true, you cannot reset the login credentials on this device as the policy must be set on the device before the password is lost. See “ Resetting Groove Login Credentials” for information about data recovery and resetting managed Groove user passwords or smart card logins.

Your password reset attempt failed because the database does not support either full or partial data recovery by administrators.

Your device policy does not allow administrators to reset a Groove user’s password or recover data under any conditions. You cannot recover the current data using the data recovery tool. To allow administrators to access to user data in the future, be sure to import a data recovery key and tool, set the device policy to support this capability, and advise your managed users to accept the policy by opening the managed account on their devices. For instructions on recovering data, see Setting Up Data Recovery on Managed User Devices.