Setting Proxy Information


Updated: April 1, 2008

Applies To: Groove Server 2007

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Topic Last Modified: 2015-03-09

The Groove Data Bridge administrative interface enables you to enter settings that specify how the Groove Data Bridge server should respond to proxy devices installed on your network.

To specify proxy settings on the Groove Data Bridge server steps:
  1. Start the Groove Data Bridge administrative interface.

  2. With the server selected, select Proxy Settings from the Options menu. The Edit Proxy Settings window appears.

  3. Enter the requested information in the Proxy Settings fields as shown in the following table, and then click OK.


    Edit Proxy Settings Fields Descriptions

    Proxy Server Settings:


    No proxy

    This setting indicates that the Groove Data Bridge server is not storing any proxy information, regardless of what proxy devices might be installed in your setup.

    Checking this option disables the proxy and authentication settings in this window. To specify proxy instructions for the Groove Data Bridge server and enable the other settings in this window, clear the No proxy check box.

    Default: checked

    Proxy options

    The proxy server options let you specify a proxy server and port, so that Groove Data Bridge server traffic can pass through that port to reach the Internet.

    Clear the No proxy check box to enable the proxy server options that let you identify a specific proxy server for Groove Data Bridge server traffic.

    Select one of the following options to identify the designated proxy:

    • Proxy server - Lets you identify a proxy server by its name and port that you want to allow.

    • Proxy configuration URL - Lets you identify a proxy configuration via its URL, such as:

    Proxy Authentication:


    User authentication information

    This setting lets you specify the following user authentication information so that the Groove Data Bridge server can access the proxy server if your proxy setup requires authentication:

    • User ID: Enter the user name used for accessing the proxy server.

    • Password: Enter the password used for accessing the proxy server.

    • Domain: If you are using default Windows authentication, enter the Windows domain to which the proxy server belongs.

    Use basic authentication instead of NTLM

    This setting lets you specify basic authentication instead of the default NT LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication associated with Windows.

    Clear the No proxy option in order to select this Use basic authentication... setting.

    Disable TCP connections to relay server

    This setting lets you disable TCP connections over port 2492 to the Groove relay server. Normally, the Groove Data Bridge server, like Groove client devices, tries to contact Groove relay servers over TCP port 2492; relay connections support Groove’s store-and-forward and other virtual peer-to-peer services.