Using OS Command Line Options


Updated: April 1, 2008

Applies To: Groove Server 2007


Topic Last Modified: 2007-06-04

The Groove Data Bridge provides several command line options that you can use in programs. To include these commands in scripts, use the following format:

grooveeis.exe <option>

where <option> is one of the following:


Groove Data Bridge Server Command Line Options Descriptions


Displays a Help window with these key definitions.


Closes all server windows.


Terminates the Groove Data Bridge server processes.


Displays server version information.


Launches the Groove Data Bridge administrative interface. Include the full path. For example, using the default installation path, you would type the following:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Corp.\Groove Data Bridge\bin\grooveeis.exe /cc


Disables communications on the Groove Data Bridge server, setting the server status to Offline.


Purges Groove Web Services subscriptions and events. See Purging Web Services Queues for more information about this command.