Deleting a Groove Management Domain


Updated: April 1, 2008

Applies To: Groove Server 2007

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Topic Last Modified: 2007-07-09

You can delete a management domain from the Domains tab, after deleting all users from the domain. Note that deleting users from a domain removes all user information and blocks access to data.

Removing the domain and its members deletes the managed identities and devices that belong to that domain or any of its groups and has the following effects:

  • Users from the removed domain or any of its groups cannot use the managed identities that belonged to the removed domain or its groups.

  • Users cannot access Groove spaces to which their managed identities belonged.

  • Users can no longer access any of the Groove Relay servers associated with the domain.

  • Users are no longer subject to domain policies governing their managed identity.

  • User devices are no longer subject to domain device policies.

  • Files in Groove Folder Synchronization (GFS) directories will no longer be synchronized, although GFS files on user devices will remain intact and accessible.

To delete a domain, including all members, and associated groups and group members, from the Groove Manager:
  1. Go to the Groove Manager administrative Web site and select the domain you want to remove in the navigation pane. A set of domain tabs appears.

  2. Delete the domain members as follows:

    1. Select Members in the left navigation pane. The Member page appears.

    2. Select the top checkbox to delete all domain members from the domain.

    3. Select Delete Members from the Managed Members drop-down list in the tool bar.

    4. Click OK to confirm the members deletion.

    5. Select any groups under Members to display the Members page for the group. Repeat the above process to delete members in the group.

  3. Select the Server in the navigation pane. A set of server tabs appears.

  4. Click the Domains tab.

  5. Select the domains that you want to delete.

  6. Click Delete Selected Domains in the toolbar, then click OK to confirm the deletion.