Groove Server and Domain Setup


Updated: April 1, 2008

Applies To: Groove Server 2007


Topic Last Modified: 2007-09-05

The sections below outline a procedure for the first phase of Groove deployment: setting up Groove management domains in your organization - taking you from assessment, to server installation (if onsite servers are employed), and finally to domain setup. The next chapter covers the second phase: Groove client installation and setup. Procedures here assume that you have addressed the decision factors presented in Groove Site Preparation. You should also be familiar with the information covered in previous chapters of this guide.

Refer to the Readme files (and online Help) for the Groove Server Manager and Relay applications for detailed hardware and software specifications.

You can use the worksheet templates in Deployment Worksheets for Office Groove Server 2007 to record installation parameters.

The procedures in this section comprise the first phase of Groove deployment.

In this section: