Downloadable content for SharePoint 2013

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Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2016-12-16

Summary: You can download content in the SharePoint 2013 TechNet library for offline viewing.

Download the following content for information about how to plan for, install, and manage SharePoint 2013.


Content Description


Technical library in compiled Help format

View the entire technical library for SharePoint 2013 in a compiled Help (CHM) version.

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Downloadable eBook: Deployment guide for SharePoint 2013

Download or print content about how to deploy SharePoint 2013. Available in several file formats.

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Downloadable eBook: Explore SharePoint 2013

Download or print content about what's new in SharePoint 2013. Available in several file formats.

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IT Professional Reviewer's Guide for SharePoint Server 2013

Learn how new capabilities in SharePoint Server 2013 can help IT pros better manage cost, risk, and time.

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Test lab guides for SharePoint Server 2013

Create your own test lab environment to demonstrate SharePoint 2013 features and scenarios.

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Test Lab Guide: eBook for SharePoint Server 2013 Intranet and Team Sites

Download this free ebook to learn how to create a test lab containing intranet and team sites in a SharePoint Server 2013 three-tier farm.

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Technical diagrams for SharePoint 2013

See architecture choices at a glance in these large-format diagrams.

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Planning worksheets for SharePoint 2013

Record planning decisions for later references with these spreadsheet templates.

You can build your own custom download of TechNet topics from across the network. Click Print Multiple Topics in the upper right corner of the screen to begin.

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If you don't see Print Multiple Topics, see the blog post Export your own TechNet book for information about the view settings to use.